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Hi! Our team is here to provide online resources so you can engage your child to read better. Our Blog features Reading Tips, Interviews, and Suggests Books written by and about People of color. Our goal is to support youth on having more reading opportunities.

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As a parent or educator, you know that teaching reading is a major goal so that youth can be great citizens.

Literacy Programming

We provide afterschool or summer programming to integrate S.T.E.A.M with reading. Once youth read the book we discuss concepts, vocabulary, and then we provide activities in S.T.E.A.M to reinforce the concepts taught.

Additionally, we are connected to storytellers where the creatives can tell oral stories. Oral storytelling can enhance listening, viewing, comprehension, and oral fluency.

Professional Development

If your school would like to have a workshop on literacy, we will come to your school and assess your needs first. Based on your needs, we will provide a training so that your staff.

Tips for Parents

Find great tips for your child no matter their reading level or interest

Tips for Educators

From one educator to another: advice and resources for your classroom


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